May 12, 2013

Wood test #1 – does it work?

The original wood trim for the control switches is essentially a picture of wood on thin contact paper. Over the years this paper can become damaged and begin to peel. This was one of the projects I was really looking forward to. I got a short roll of pre-gummed real walnut wood laminate and cut a test piece to mount on a spare center control plate. I measure the gap and cut the wood using a pair of shears and then trimmed it using a paper cutter. I then used a banding iron on medium high to activate the glue. I do not know the exact temperature where the glue becomes active, however I know that it is higher than a locked up car on a summer day.

After the glue cooled, I sanded the wood and applied a thin coat of linseed oil. When I do this for the real deal, I’ll likely sand from 600 to 1800 grit and use linseed oil and wax to finish. I was concerned that the linseed oil may affect the glue, but it does not seem to affect the bond.


Saab 060

The test piece: