December 31, 2011

front seats done

Last update for the year, and quite a bit of work has been done to the car. It’s going slow, but I’m hoping that it will be done by the Spring. I did post pictures of the seats at Mark’s Upholstery, but they were still in progress. Mark asked that I get a rebuild kits so that he could fix both the seats and the backs. Now they really are as good as new. He is also recovering the head rest inserts with the same black vinyl (rather than fabric).

October 2, 2011

Rear seat is finished

I picked up the rear seat today. The driver and passenger seat are still getting finished up with new seat and back trampolines. I think they really turned out great. The trunk fabric on the back of the back seat is what is going to be used on the floor panels and side panels of the trunk. There are a few ‘manila brown’ pieces which I plan to paint with a good enamel and cure in a low temp drying oven. The two side panels that fit over the wheel arches in the back seat area are getting painted at the body shop with a very durable paint.

June 23, 2011

beneath the cookie monster seat covers

I didn’t want to look under the cookie monster seat covers until I had to. I was sure that the original fabric was worn, but I didn’t expect this!

The cookie monster seat covers were on top of another type of seat cover that was sort of like a burlap sack with a Santa Fe motif. The drivers side was basically the same but there was less duct work done on the rear seat.