August 24, 2013

1969 grille cleaned up and polished

Metal vs. plastic .. metal is easier to bring back to life.

June 5, 2013

Ready for June 8th at the Swedish Club?

Just about everything has been finished up. I’ve got the dash finished up, hood latch working and the original style grille temporarily installed. The short list of what is left:

1. bumper stainless steel strips – need to make custom brackets to accommodate them on the later 1970s bumpers
2. adjust the doors and hood so they hang more properly
3. install side molding
4. paint and install badges

May 6, 2013

Going back to the 1960s …

The first plastic grille in the 99 was around 1973 and it was a beefy piece of plastic. At some point someone at SAAB thought that was unreasonable and that all 99’s should have a cheap plastic grille that has made them very rare in recent history. I have 3 plastic grilles, no make that 4, all of which have varying degrees of broken to them. When a 1969 all metal setup was made available, I could not pass it up. However, I was skeptical at first until I fitted on. I quite like it.

Before (as found):
Saab 010



June 21, 2011

a familiar face

I removed the grille, head lamp surrounds, air dam, fresh air cowl and saw a resemblance.