August 12, 2012

gifts from Sweden and progress

I’ve made a trade deal with another SAAB friend in Sweden and was able to get a few Old New Stock items. Today we installed the wheel arch trim which was tricky due to 3 of the wheel arches needing significant reshaping. The wheel arch splash area have all been sprayed with undercoating. The rear and hide-a-way trunk have also been sprayed.

The new locking gas cap / filler is hooked up, the blower box and wiper are in place, the EMS steering wheel is installed, the emergency brake housing is painted and the 1976 shifter knob is installed. For the blower box, I used two layers of 1/4″ foam rubber insulation on either side of the upper firewall. I recommend that anyone that goes this far with a tear down go ahead and replace all the foam rubber where needed. It was basically musty and dusty in this car.

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