July 15, 2011

rough body work finished

Dana feels that he has done what he can to rough the body and save quite a bit of time for the body shop. The primer is only there to protect the exposed metal from rusting when the sections were torched for shrinking. The next step is to pull the head liner, bumpers, lights, door mechanisms, wipers, window scrapers and glass then its off to the media blaster. I’m shooting to get it up there in the next two weeks.

June 30, 2011

repairing the left front fender

Dana felt he could straighten out the left front fender, so he got out his special tools and got to work. He really made great progress and basically saved a fender that many body shops said would be easier to just cut out and replace with a salvaged one

flame on

more flame

shrinking hammer and a dolly

before (three main crumple areas indicator lamp, before and after wheel arch)