May 16, 2012

hood and rear doors primed

The rear doors and hood have been corrected and primed. 3M Dyna-Glass fiberglass filler was used and sanded to smooth out the door skins and to repair areas where rust damage left holes after the media blasting. The majority of serious rust was in the lower portion of the doors where rain water tends to collect and stand. The LR door had the most damage as it was pushed in from a highway side collision, but you would never know it. The hood had some damage as well, but it was minor. There were also a number of little dents (probably from years or rocks hitting the hood) that were addressed.

December 2, 2011

body work in progress

Both the left front wing, left rear door and left rear quarter have been straightened as best they can. Now all the detail has been filled with a fiberglass compound and will be sanded and sanded smooth.

August 11, 2011

freshly blasted

The blasting revealed the extent of the rust damage. Fortunately for the areas of concern it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. We did find new areas from a previous repair job on the left rear quarter and left rear door along with evidence of bondo. All the bondo was removed and any rust damage to the bottom of the doors will be patched with fiberglas.

July 31, 2011

to the media blaster on Monday

This is about as stripped as she is going to get before the media blaster does the rest. I am not pulling the engine or getting the interior blasted except for the exposed wings and door jambs where there are rust issues.

Tow truck arrives @ 11am Monday

June 30, 2011

repairing the left front fender

Dana felt he could straighten out the left front fender, so he got out his special tools and got to work. He really made great progress and basically saved a fender that many body shops said would be easier to just cut out and replace with a salvaged one

flame on

more flame

shrinking hammer and a dolly

before (three main crumple areas indicator lamp, before and after wheel arch)