September 2, 2012

servicing the electric fans

The SAAB 99 uses two identical Electrolux motors for the blower box and the radiator fan. They are very good quality motors and are easy to service. There are two sleeve bearings which should be cleaned an oiled. The brushes and commutator should be inspected and cleaned. I discovered the fan on the radiator was loose (and open just a bit) so some of the media blasting material got into it. There was also plenty of oil/grease/dirt to be cleaned up. After servicing, both of the motors run very smoothly and quietly. I was concerned about the state of the radiator fan motor because the previous owner had the fan switch leads shorted (permanently on!) due to over heating. I believe I was able to resolve the over heating issues by removing the anti-freeze throttle housing collar recall and having both the heater core and radiator serviced. The blower box also has a sleeve bearing on the opposite end of the impeller which should be cleaned and oiled.

To keep the brushes in place while the motor is put backed together, I used Western Electric waxed cord.

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