April 4, 2011

1977 as found…

I went into Scanwest to get the backup light switch replaced on my NG900. The backup light switch, when grounded, will take out your windshield wipers too. It was raining, and I needed those. While in the waiting room I saw an advert for a 1977 99 GL.
I had specifically been looking for an older 5DR, so I took a card.
I came out to see the car on a Tuesday to see what I’d be getting myself into. The owner had kept good records but it seemed after a demoralizing collision with an SUV in 2006, it sat rusting and collecting moss.
The original paint is mostly intact, but the Earl Scheib finish was flaking away like latex house paint. There are several rust spots, but they appeared to be surface rust with the exception being the left front door water collector.
The left rear door and quarter panel were damaged, but they were such that it seemed they could easily be pulled/tapped out. The left front fender would have to be replaced.
A big job for sure, but these 5DRs often go to the crusher in favor of the Combi-Coupe and 2DR Notchback. With limited import numbers for this body style it only makes them rarer.

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